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Underground is inspired by the possibilities of unexplored combinations.
Underground seeks to express the fundamental qualities of the grape.
Underground is unencumbered.

2009 Underground Rose                                    $16

Underground sourced premium Grenache to produce a fine Rose. Spicey flavours, textured with earthy notes and balanced with soft tannins and the slightest touch of sweetness.

2010 Violets Moscato                                         $16

In authentic Moscato style of barely fermented wine filtered straight into bottle. Pale pink colour; aroma of strawberries & rockmelon; gentle fizz and lusciousness captured from a cool fermentation.

2009 Veriloose                                                    $16
Spritig, with a finely balanced trypitch of lifted troical fruit, sweetness and acidity.  Incredibly refreshing! Great with spicey food.  A truely unique wine.