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Underground is inspired by the possibilities of unexplored combinations.
Underground seeks to express the fundamental qualities of the grape.
Underground is unencumbered.

At Underground we pride ourselves on our responsive, hands on approarch to vitticulture and winemaking.  With this approach we produce a range of individual, expressive wines which are true to variety and we can offer these wines at very competitive prices.


2010 Black and White Label Pinot Grigio         $16

2008 Offspring Pinot Gris                                    $19

2008 MsThug Chardonnay                                $19

NV Black and White Label Sparkling                $16


2010 Black and White Label Pinot Noir            $16

2008 Thug Pinot Noir                                          $29

2010 Cab Merl Oh!                                               $16

2008 Dr Durif                                                         $26


2010 Violets Moscato                                          $16

2009 Veriloose                                                      $16

2009 Rose Eh!                                                       $16